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Professional gaming prescription glasses - Oakley Prizm Gaming

Gaming glasses - Oakley Prizm Gaming

The innovative Oakley Prizm Gaming lens technology is a novelty in the world of e-sport.

Oakley originally introduced PRIZM lens technology to improve performance in all sports. Lenses with this technology use special dyes that reduce distracting colours while enhancing the colours to which your eyes are more sensitive. This colour separation increases contrast, allowing you to see every detail of the environment more clearly. Although Oakley Prizm Gaming lenses are designed differently, the idea of improving performance is the same.

Do you want to gain an advantage in the world of e-sport? Improve your performance in games?
Oakley designed the lenses just for you.
Reduced eye fatigue, better contrast and improved response time are just some of the advantages of the technology.

Oakley Prizm Gaming

Blue Light filter from Oakley

Although this lens is designed for gamers, it works equally well for anyone looking for extra protection from digital device screens. Whether you work from home or just spend a lot of time on the phone or computer, this lens will help protect your eyes from artificial blue-violet light. Filtering technology reduces 40% of harmful blue light in the range 380-500 nm. In the high-tech world we live in, it is our duty to protect our eyes.

Oakley frames dedicated for gamers

Oakley specialises in designing sports frames to meet the requirements of world-class athletes. Convenience, functionality, fit and design are integral to all Oakley glasses. However, there are a few recommended models for gamers that have more flexible temples. They are extremely comfortable and compatible with the headset.

Do you need glasses with your correction? 
At Optique, you will have a comprehensive eye examination, which will be used to make prescription glasses with Prizm Gaming lenses for you. If you have a prescription, please contact our expert or go directly to one of our salons where we will answer all your questions. After taking the necessary measurements, we will order glasses for you.

The advantages of Oakley Prizm Gaming glasses:

  • Sharp image (thanks to the possibility to order lenses with your vision correction)
  • Increased contrast (thanks to Prizm technology)
  • Less yellow tint compared to other game lenses
  • Light filtration technology that reduces 40% of blue light in the 380-500 nm range.
  • Headset-compatible frames

Get a quote for the cost of corrective work:

Do you have a prescription and do you have the chosen glasses model? Do you want to know how much the entire job will cost? Contact us and get a detailed quote.

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