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Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy


Online store  where you can find link to this Policy Cookies is managed by Glaser Group Sp. z o.o.


"Cookies" are the data, especially text files stored in a user's computer intended for use in Web pages. These files allow to identify the device and properly display the user-personalized website. "Cookies" are part of the HTTP protocol used to communicate with the Web server and browser. They consists of: the name of the key values, the value of life and time at which the browser should delete the "cookie" file. The platform used by the store does not set the cookie in a different manner than the typical intended performance in web browsers.

"Cookies" are used to adjust the content of web pages to user preferences and optimizing the use of the websites. They are also used to create anonymous statistics except for personal identification of the user.


Platform used by store usually sets the following cookies:

"Client" and "_IAI_AC" - they are constant cookie session identifiers with respective lifetime of 1 and 7 days.

"Page_counter" - count number of watched pages, which can be used by the client to the built-in and custom JavaScript which perform certain actions (e.g. limiting the amount of ads displayed at once) with a one day lifetime.

"Affiliate" - client login (partner shop), which under the partnership program directed client to the store and set only in this case, the lifetime of 90 days.


In addition, in any case does not record any personal information in the "cookies"  files. Our intention is that the use of our cookies and other technologies was as transparent as possible. As we pointed out above, we are not able to offer our Website or our Services without their own cookies, which we have described above.

Standard web browsers by default allow placing "cookies" on the user’s computer. These settings can be modified in such a way as to block the automatic handling of "cookies" in the web browser or inform on them every time they upload to the user’s device. Detailed information about the possibilities and how to support "cookies" are available in the settings of your web browser. Restricting the use of "cookies" makes the online purchases impossible and can interfere with the operation of some options, particularly those that require the user to take some action before the content is displayed.